2nd Prix Galien Greece

Athens, March 7th, 2015

Through a brilliant ceremony held at the Athens Concert Hall, the internationally renowned pharmaceutical Awards Prix Galien, honored and recognized the pharmaceutical research and innovation, demonstrating once again their important role.

The evening began with the speech of the President of the Prix Galien Greece, Ms Jenny Pergialiotou, which announced that for the first time in the history of Prix Galien globally, Prix Galien Greece created two new awarding categories, the Galien Scientific Research Award and the Patient Initiative Award. During her speech she stressed that “the access to all our innovative therapies and new diagnostic tools is a social requirement and obligation of a modern state”.

The awarding ceremony of Prix Galien Greece – considered as the “Nobel” prize for the pharmaceutical industry – was held under the auspices of the National Research Foundation, the Medical Society of Athens, the Greek Pasteur Institute, the Pharmaceutical Companies Association of Greece (SFEE), the Athens Medical Association and the Greek Banking Association.

In his address, H.M. Ambassador of France in Athens, Mr. Jean Loup Kuhn-Delforge, praised the institution of Prix Galien and noted, inter alia, the importance of the recognition of therapeutic innovation and achievements of pharmaceutical research, both in France celebrated over 45 years, and in Greece, organized for the second time.

Thereafter, the Minister of Health Mr Panagiotis Kouroumplis stressed the importance of hosting such brilliant international events in Greece and particularly emphasized the necessity for the development of research in our country.

The president of the jury of the Prix Galien Greece, Professor Aristides Patrinos, stated that “I am standing optimistic and with awe in front of the soldiers of medicine in the first line of fire”.

The evening proceeded with the presentation of the positions of the first Galien Think Tank Greece, which operated as an advisory configuration center in the health sector in Greece. The final positions of the three pillars were on: a) the modernization and sustainability of the health system, b) the financing of innovation and c) strengthening clinical research.A highlight of the evening was the presentation of the newly established award Patient Initiative Award. This award aims to strengthen the awareness of Patients’ Associations, but also to motivate them to increase their activities, ensuring the best possible patient access both to information and to health facilities. Forty-one (41) Patients’ Associations from all over Greece participated to the assessment.

The winners of the prize are:

  • Pan Hellenic Association of Kidney Patients
  • “FLOGA” Pan Hellenic Parents Association of Children with Cancer
  • “AGALIAZO” Volunteer Group Against Cancer

The most moving moment of the evening was the awarding of the Humanitarian Award «Pro Bono Humanum», which aims to highlight a great personality who has contributed significantly to the health sector in our country.

This year, the prize was awarded to Dr. Afxentios Kalangos, Director of the Cardiac Surgery Clinic of the University Hospital of Geneva, for his great humanitarian work. The leading Greek surgeon is the founder of the charity “Hearts for All» (Coeurs pour tous) and he has treated for free 13,000 needy children around the world. Among other, Dr. Afxentios Kalangos, said that “I am confident that the services will be offered to the weak of this world, with love, warmth and enthusiasm will be rewarded with the gratitude of patients that will be healed and the smile of children relieved. They will feel the serenity of a starry night, illuminated by the prayers of all those weak over whom will stay sleepless”.

The ceremony continued with the prize Galien Scientific Research Award, which rewards a Greek researcher or a research team for their great project, which resulted in significant benefits for our fellowmen. The prize was awarded to Dr. George Kollias, professor at the Medical School of Athens University, biologist and researcher of the Research Center “Alexander Fleming”.

The evening culminated with the presentation of pharmaceutical prizes, the winners of which are:

Best Medical Product: Sofosbuvir, Gilead Hellas and Vismodegib, Roche Hellas
Best Biotechnology Product: Denosumab, Amgen Hellas
Best Orphan Drug (for rare disease): Macitentan, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Hellas
Best Medical Device or Diagnostic Tool or Machine or biomarkers: MIYABI – Combined Suite for Angio-CT or Angio-MR Integrate Diagnostic Imaging, Siemens Healthcare Hellas