Pharmaceutical and biotechnology products eligible to be evaluated by Prix Galien Greece Award must be built on innovation and developed by chemical, biological or biotechnological methods with details and accuracy in their specifications for the production process and clinical trials’ results. Products nominated for the awards must be marketing authorized (for treatment indication-not necessarily priced), in Greece (through a central, national process or by mutual recognition) until December 31, 2020 and up to four (4) past calendar years (01/01/2017-31/12/2020).
The above category also includes older medicinal products approved for a new innovative treatment indication or a new therapeutic entity (NTE) incorporated, however, in the past four (4) years.

With regard to the category best medical technology product, in order to be nominated for the awards, their date of marketing authorization in Greece must be until December 31, 2020 and up to two (2) past calendar years (01/01/2019-31/12/2020).

Quality Criteria

Candidate medicinal products can belong to any therapeutic category. However, the awards shall be bestowed to those which contribute to the improvement of the quality of life or save lives, on the basis of two criteria:

1. Which was the innovation during the course of the product’s scientific development, the way it acts and its clinical use?
2. Which is the benefit for the future of medical science from the introduction of the product in clinical practice?

Each awarding category shall declare only one winner, however, in the case of a tie in votes of one or more nominees, the judging committee reserves the right to designate a second Hors Prix winner.



Medical technology, is considered any technology used to improve human life, such as medical devices, laboratory diagnostics, medical imaging equipment and e-health solutions used to diagnose, monitor, patients’ predisposition assessment and people treatment. Biomarkers are added to all of the above. Products eligible to participate in this category are those that have been approved by the European Union and are distributed in Greece.

Candidates’ Summary (up to 1 page)
This must be a brief summary mentioning the principal treatment indications of the product and the essential content of its proposal for nomination.

Concept (up to 3 pages)
This should include :

  • An outline of how/why the product was developed.
  • Which are the strong points of the product when compared to others in the same category as far as its technological design, application, way of use, user-friendly properties, credibility, accuracy and efficacy.
  • Whether innovative techniques were used in the development of the product.

Conclusions (up to 1 page)
This section is not obligatory but applicants may wish to include conclusions about the merits of the product.

Application Summary (1 page)
This must:
a) orientate the reader towards the basic characteristics of the product relevant to its treatment indication and innovation.
b) report data on the product’s license e.g. if it is a one-year license and under prerequisites.
c) state if the product is ongoing a referral procedure at the European Medicines Agency (ΕΜΑ) for safety reasons.

The total number of pages of each submission in the category in question must not exceed 11 Α4 size pages, 1 ½ spaced with 12-point Arial type fonts and 2 cm margins.

All documents/certificates must be submitted on-line together with the participation application.


For more information regarding the application fee and the sumbission amenities of the “Best Medical Technology Product”, please contact us on or call us on 210-8132828, 210-8132366.


The submission of applications will only be made electronically through the official site of the Prix Galien Greece. Starting date will be September 1st 2020  and closing date for Prix Galien Greece 2021 is March 12th 2021.