Prix Galien Greece Jury: International Recognition of two jury members

Athens, February 10th 2016

Dr. Aristides Patrinos, President of Prix Galien Greece Jury (Pharmaceutical Awards)

The US President Barack Obama has asked Vice Joseph Biden to lead an initiative to strengthen and better coordinate ongoing research and development programs related to cancer.

This effort is described by the President of the USA during the speech he addressed on January 12, 2016 the US Congress.

Although considerable efforts have been made in the past in the U.S. for the treatment of cancer by both the public and private sectors totaling several billion dollars, unfortunately there was insufficient coordination and cooperation between programs leading to poor communication.

Vice President Biden has begun meetings with scientists and executives with a successful career in the development and management of large and complex research undertakings. In this context, Vice President Biden met on February 3rd with Dr. Aristides Patrinos, President of Prix Galien Greece Jury, senior adviser to the Department of Energy (DOE) and Secretary Ernest Moniz.

Dr. Patrinos is known for the successful management of Biological and Environmental Research programs, including its contribution to the International Human Genome Project.

Professor Meletios A. Dimopoulos,  Member of Prix Galien Greece Jury (Pharmaceutical Awards)

Seven Greek scholars are included in the list of the 3,000 scientists with more influence worldwide, drawn up every year by Thomson Reuters. One of those Greek distinguished scientists is Professor Athanasios Meletios Dimopoulos, former dean of the University of Athens and member of the jury of Prix Galien Greece.

The size of the distinction is understood when one considers that the number of researchers worldwide reaches nine million, while scientific publications more than two million annually.

Prix Galien Greece wants to warmly congratulate both Dr. Aristides Patrinos and Mr. Meletios Dimopoulos for the fair recognition of their valuable work by the international scientific community.

Prix Galien Greece considers the support of both prominent scientists to the institution of Prix Galien with their active and unselfish participation in the Prix Galien Greece jury a great honor.

For more information on the members of the jury of Prix Galien Greece, click on the link