Prix Galien Greece 2013: post event publicity

Following, you may find a detailed table with publicity information in the electronic and print media for Prix Galien Greece 2013 awarding ceremony.

Prix Galien Greece 2013: Post event δημοσιότητα

The above table relates to the indexing of publicity following the event. All clippings are included categorized by the name of the instrument, circulation / hits, title of the article and the date of publication.
Kindly note that with regard to the electronic media (sites):
-Recent traffic data of the sites has been used (period: February-March 2013). In whichever site there was no means of measuring traffic, information was based on the statement of the representative of the site.
-Social media hype is not integrated
The indication n / a (non applicable) has been used in the following cases:
-There is no available traffic measurement / ratings
-There is no available advertising space in the Media
-The Media hasn’t forwarded relevant data