Best Product of the Last 5 Years

Best Product of the Last Five Years

Prix ​​Galien Greece, adopting the initiative of the Galien Foundation and Prix Galien USA, decided to establish a new prize, highlighting the “best of the best” among the winners of the last decade.

Prix ​​Galien Greece, taking into consideration the special nature of our country, in which the award ceremony takes place every two years, has decided that this award will include the winners of the five-year period (2013-2017).

All products awarded at Prix Galien Greece 2013, 2015 & 2017 are eligible to participate in the “Best Product of the Last Five Years” category, and there will be a winner for each award category (best pharmaceutical agent, best biotechnology product, best orphan drug for rare disease, best medical technology product).

The winners of each category will be awarded after nominations’ evaluation by the  judging committee of pharmaceutical awards.

Eligible to participate in the “Best Product of the Last Five Years” award, in each category of Prix Galien Greece 2019, are the following products:

Best Pharmaceutical Agent

Novartis Hellas | Gilenya

Gilead | Sovaldi

Roche Hellas | Erivedge

AstraZeneca | Tagrisso


Best Biotechnology Product

Roche Hellas | RoActemra

Amgen Hellas | Xgeva

BMS | Opdivo

MSD | Keytruda


Best Orphan Drug for rare diesease

Amgen Hellas | Nplate

Sanofi | Mozobil

Actelion | Opsumit

Boehringer-Ingelheim | Ofev


Best Medical Technology Product

Roche | Cobas HPV Test

Siemens | MIYABI

Roche | Cobas EGFR Mutation Test V2


For more information regarding the application fee and the sumbission amenities of the “Best Pharmaceutical Agent”, please contact us on or call us on 210-8132828, 210-8132366.

The “Best Product of the Last Five Years” prize will be awarded again on Prix Galien Greece 2025.